Team Tech Production Sdn Bhd, founded in 1997, is dedicated to creating works of art by turning artistic concepts, ideas, and imaginary into reality.

Aspire to transform the ordinary into extraordinary, our artists and sculptors are skilled at handcrafting fabrication materials such as fibreglass and the like to create indoor or outdoor art installations and sculptural works by collaborating with architects, interior designers, landscape designers, and contractors.

Fabrication is the process of transforming raw materials into art pieces. This is where design is converted into its physical form. Our experienced artists put together their finest workmanship to produce quality finishing and the intended product of the design; creating works that unite conceptual, visual, and practical ingenuity.

创始于1997年,Team Tech Production是一家拥有优秀 艺术家和专业工匠团队的公司。将顾客或设计师天马行空的的创意,概念,和想象化为真实,是我们的任务。




Our mission is to produce the finest masterpieces with our skills and experiences along with aesthetic judgement to meet the requirements and acquire utmost satisfaction of our clients.

We are constantly exploring a better way in terms of material usage and design concept in theory and functionality to exceed our clients' expectations. We are proud of our products for the skills and workmanship which result in our clients' satisfaction and appreciation.




Our creative works are not just limited to sculptures, paintings, installation, or art production; we also provide art consulting services. Our facilities are well-equipped for the production of fibreglass, modelling, casting, coloring and fabrication with materials such as cement, fibreglass, polystyrene, steel, wood and others which being used to better meet the needs of our clients.